Thank you for creating this unbelievable product!  As a Naturopathic Physician and Mother, I believe Cocolivo is one of the best natural skin care products I have used or prescribed.

I am always searching for products that I can confidently recommend to patients and use on my family’s skin. Free of toxic chemicals, fillers and common allergens, Cocolivo is such a clean product. The oils are so incredibly nourishing to all types of skin and healing for many different skin conditions; I have suggested it to parents for their babies or kids with diaper rashes, yeast or eczema, and adults with psoriasis, eczema or even after a sunburn! Of course, it is an amazing everyday moisturizer for all ages.

It not only is full of moisturizing and healing oils, it also contains high levels of antioxidants, making it an ideal anti aging product. Really, the purity and the healing properties of these plant oils are the perfect combination for a skin product that I am very happy to suggest to patients and use on myself and my family!" – Dr. Nina L.

When I was visiting my sister in Vancouver recently, she gave me a gift basket and one of the items in it was a bottle of Cocolivo. What a gift!! I've been using it daily since then. My face feels great. I love the packaging, and the little spoon is an added treat. I've been raving to my friends and family about. I live in New Brunswick, and will be ordering more when this jar gets low. The way I've been using it, that won't be long! Thanks for a great product! - Carolyn M. 

 My wife recommended your product to see if it would improve my dry skin condition.  I just wanted to let you know that since using your product my dry skin irritation on my forehead and above my eyelids have stabilized. For the past three years I had to use a strong prescription steroid crème intermittently whenever it flared up.  I’m happy to report that since using your product that I no longer need to apply my prescription crème and using cocolivo regularly has improved the overall health of my skin. I also find it very soothing as a aftershave lotion. - Manfred S.

I have been using Cocolivo as a face moisturizer and make up remover for months now. Cocolivo has made me a believer in natural products and has proven how unnecessary it is to buy expensive department store products that are filled with chemicals and dyes. I have been told my face glows! – Tallia R.

The first thing that grabbed my attention with Cocolivo was the great packaging and how family friendly it would be with no chemical ingredients for the kids skin. Once we used it we loved it it gives my skin a beautiful glow and softens it in a way no moisturiser has before. Thanks Cocolivo! – Jennifer R.

I actually have the best testimonial for Cocolivo. I used it on my horribly dry heels while we were in Palm Springs. When we came back to Vancouver, I went for a pedicure and the esthetician asked me what I had been using on my feet because they were way softer than the last time she had seen me! I now use it every night on my heels. I will be ordering some more soon! – Monica S.
I have been using Cocolivo for few months and I am really enjoying this product. Personally, it works best when I use it as a serum. Every night, I put it on my face and massage gently, and my skin feels so soft and smooth the next morning. I don't need a night cream as I always feel moisturized even in winter. It will make your skin glowing beautifully. Thank you for the magical oil! – B. M.
My daughter had very dry hands from Whistler’s winter weather and the baseboard heating in the chalet. She has been using Cocolivo for 2 days and we’ve seen a big improvement already.  Great product! – Trina S.
My new go-to oil! I was using plain old coconut oil as a body moisturizer in the past because of its health benefits.  Thought I’d try Cocolivo for a change, as it has a few more beneficial ingredients.  The silky texture was very nice and helped make a little go a long way as a full body moisturizer.  My jar lasted about 2 months with daily use!  I also used it on my 6yr old daughter’s dry legs before bed, and also as an eye makeup remover.  Love that its organic and free of perfumes.  Oh and I use a dab on my hair every now and again.  Ordered my second jar! – Christine S.
I love this product! Its very effective at moisturizing, yet it is not greasy.  With a subtle, coconut fragrance, this buttery oil is delightful to use.  It soothes dry skin wherever you wish to apply it.  I highly recommend it to anyone! – Katherine C.
Thank you Trish and Earl for the wonderful gift of Cocolivo. I’m 63 and I am into moisturizing and with Cocolivo my skin stays soft even with this cold weather.  I use a small amount, and try it on my hands and feet come evening, lovely. – Elizabeth
When this little jar of organic coconut, olive, avocado, argan and rosehip was gifted to me, I must admittedly confess I was more inclined to want to taste it rather than rubbing it all over my face and/or body. Having now tried it, I can honestly swear by the stuff for just about everything!

These days I find myself grabbing for my Cocolivo jar whenever I need to soothe my dry hands and every night without fail I rub it on my feet – cracked heels no more!  Cocolivo is an excellent moisturizer and leaves my skin feeling nourished and smooth.

I have also used it for deep conditioning in my hair by simply applying a teaspoon to my hair, combing it, and then piling it into a loose bun.  (You’ll want to place a soft towel over your pillow).  In the morning, I shampoo as usual, and it penetrates my hair better than other oils.  On occasion I will dab a teeny amount of Cocolivo onto the ends just to add a little shine.

Cocolivo is my absolute ‘go-to’ for removing waterproof mascara!  Again a teeny bit of Cocolivo on a cotton ball is all I need to gently sweep it over my eyes, paying particular attention to the area under my eyes.  Cocolivo does a great job breaking down any waxy, inky eye makeup, and leaves the delicate area under my eyes perfectly hydrated!

Sadly my Cocolivo jar is coming to an end, and the last few days I have threatened my hubby with now more body rub down massages.  I have no doubt that my precious jar of Cocolivo will be replenished any day now ;)

Aaahhh, sitting here writing this recommendation makes me yearn for my Cocolivo…Yum – it smells like cookies!  Could there be anything more luscious than Cocolivo? ;) – Peggy M.
My two kids, 4 and 7 year olds and myself have been using Cocolivo for the last 4 months. My 4 year old son and myself have very dry skin and Cocolivo definitely takes the edge off by maintaining our skin moist for most of the day.  When applied and rubbed, it penetrates better than any other cream or oil based products we have used in the past (and yes we have used many different products with various formulas!).  And the kids love the Ellingson family on the label! – Rick
I love how silky smooth my skin feels after using Cocolivo, and the versatility of it. This is the only product I have tried that is sensitive enough to use on my face and at the same time is tough enough for my feet! – Kirsten E.
Cocolivo is the answer to dry flaky skin. I use it on my 70 year old feet and legs after a shower and unlike any other moisturizer it lasts until the next shower!  Then the big bonus came when I rubbed it into my scalp 15 minutes before shampooing, I was amazed that my hair was almost silky no more frizz, awesome. – G. B.
My whole family have been using Cocolivo for months and we love it! It works great to moisturize my face before I apply my makeup and before bedtime, and its also helpful for settling my toddler’s tangled hair.  It’s a family safe product I am comfortable recommending it to any of all of my family and friends! – Yumiko N.

After the birth of my daughter my skin revolted. I had dry scaly areas around my mouth and under my chin and neck and acne on my neck below my ears. It was embarrassing. I was very aware of it. In an effort to clear it up I tried everything. Nothing worked.

One day someone gave me some cocolivo to try. I was amazed that within two days my scaly skin was gone and the skin on my neck felt and looked more supple. I continued to use it and the acne has cleared up. Finally!! I am so relieved.

Since then I started using it on my daughters eczema and cocolivo keeps her skin moisturized and eczema under control with no flare ups. Cocolivo is a great product that I can feel good about using on my whole family and would recommend it to friends. –  Krista G.

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