Since Cocolivo is an oil blend, why would I add more oil to my already oily face?

We were all raised to remove oil from our faces, but a little natural plant oil can actually bring your skin to life. High quality organic premium plant-derived oils should not clog pores. They actually allow your skin to regulate its own production of oil, ending dry, dehydrated inflamed skin. If your skin is not accustomed to natural products it may react  for a few days while it adjusts to the new "oil diet". Consider this a cleansing detox for your skin while your body adapts to these new natural oils.

Why does Cocolivo change in consistency, depending on temperature?

Since Cocolivo contains coconut oil, the consistency can change depending on temperature, as coconut oil melts at 24°C / 75°F. So, if your home is cooler, Cocolivo will be a smooth buttery balm, and if your home is warmer, Cocolivo will be a luxurious liquid oil. To help when Cocolivo melts, we have included a small stainless steel spoon that attaches to a magnet on top of the lid! Simply stir it up. We could have added preservatives, waxes or water to create a more “stable” product, but we wanted our oil to be as clean and light as possible.

Why did you include a spoon that attaches to the Cocolivo lid?

Because Cocolivo melts above 24°C / 75°F, we included a small stainless steel spoon to help you stir, scoop and repeat. The bowl of the spoon attaches to a magnet hidden in the centre of the lid. So, as it says on the lid "put the spoon on the coconut"

Why organic?

We only use organic ingredients because they are of the highest quality. The oils in Cocolivo are absorbed by your skin, so we wanted to be sure the ingredients were clean, chemical free, and extracted with limited processing. We looked at this like eating food, we try to feed our bodies natural unprocessed foods to keep ourselves happy and healthy, same outlook goes with our skin, why would we want anything else but pure natural clean ingredients for our skin to consume and absorb?

Why use extra virgin ingredients?

Extra virgin avocado and coconut oils means that the oils are unrefined and have been cold pressed and not heated during extraction, thereby maintaining most of the beneficial nutrients.

Is Cocolivo vegan?

Yes, 100% certified vegan, meaning we only use plant-based oils for our products and never any animal based ingredients.

Are there any waxes added to Cocolivo?

No there are no added waxes, as we wanted to keep Cocolivo as simple as possible. Adding waxes to our oil felt too thick and heavy when we tried applying it to our face and bodies, so we kept it free of all waxes.

Why no added water?

We don’t add water because water evaporates very quickly, doesn’t absorb into the skin, and allows potential bacteria to grow. By not adding water we have created a more concentrated product.

What's the shelf life?

Cocolivo lasts for approximately 6 months, and will last longer if the jar is kept in a constant cool, dark environment, and hands are washed before applying the oil. Because Cocolivo is made fresh and without preservatives, It is best to use up all of your oil approximately 1-2 months after first opening the jar.

Do you test on animals?

No, we never test on animals. We love animals!

What is the best way to store Cocolivo?

For best results and to prolong product freshness, keep your Cocolivo in a relatively constant cool environment with the lid on, out of direct sunlight, and ensure hands are clean and dry before applying.

Is Cocolivo comedogenic, and what does comedogenic mean?

Comedogenic refers to an ingredients probability of blocking pores and causing acne. There is a ratings scale for how comedogenic some oils tend to be, where a rating of 0 means an ingredient is unlikely to clog pores, and a rating of 5 means an ingredient has a higher chance of potentially clogging pores.

Coconut oil has a comedogenic score of 4. Though this is a bit of a higher score, it does not necessarily mean that coconut oil will clog pores. If someone is already inclined to have acne, has sensitive skin, and / or large pores, then there could be an elevated chance that coconut oil may add to the daily facial debris, dirt and oil that can result in clogging pores. However, everyone’s skin is different, and daily cleansing and exfoliation can help reduce the occurrence of rashes and blemishes.

Olive oil has a comedogenic score of 2.
Avocado oil has a comedogenic score of 2.
Argan oil has a comedogenic score of 0.
Rosehip oil has a comedogenic score of 1

Why no fragrances or colours added to Cocolivo?

Keep it simple, keep it pure. That's our philosophy. Nothing is added, the golden yellow colour is from blending the 5 oils together, and their combination create a beautiful soft, sweet, light, earthy scent.

Where can I purchase Cocolivo other than your website?

As a small dedicated family business, we make Cocolivo in small batches fresh daily by hand. We ship direct only from our website to maintain the closest connection to our customers and ensure you are getting the freshest product, in a timely manner and at a fair price.

Is Cocolivo gluten-free?

Yes, it is made with all gluten-free ingredients.

Can Cocolivo be used to remove make-up?

Yes, it can remove most make-up, simply apply a small amount to a cotton ball, rub lightly around the eye and eyelid, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Can I wash my face with Cocolivo?

Yes. First, wash your hands, apply about a quarter sized amount of Cocolivo to your face and massage lightly (don’t need to remove makeup prior to this), place a facecloth under comfortably hot water and leave on your face for about 1 minute, then repeat if needed. Remember, if this is a new process for you it may take your skin a few days to adjust.

Will Cocolivo stain my clothes or linens?

If you apply a small amount of oil on your skin and massage it in well and allow a few minutes to absorb, it shouldn't stain anything.

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