How to Use

Cocolivo is made with purely organic, food-grade ingredients and begins to melt softly and quickly in your hand. Since Cocolivo contains coconut oil, the consistency can change depending on temperature, as coconut oil melts at 24°C / 75°F. So, if your home is cooler, Cocolivo will be a smooth buttery balm, and if your home is warmer, it will be a luxurious liquid oil. To help when Cocolivo melts, we have included a small stainless steel spoon that attaches to a magnet on top of the lid! Simply stir it up. Warm or cool, Cocolivo works the same, and your body will glow with happiness.

Moms use Cocolivo this way:

  • Moisturizer: use a small amount as a moisturizer in the morning after washing your face (apply makeup about 5 mins later so oil has time to absorb into skin, feels great under makeup)
  • Body balm: fresh out of the shower, rub it all over your body, don’t forget tired feet and toes
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles: after cleansing the face at bedtime, use a small amount of Cocolivo to moisturize and replenish during sleep, it’s great for delicate skin around the eyes
  • Nourishes shaved skin: feels silky on the legs after shaving
  • Dry scalp: calming and soothing for the scalp (rub in scalp and hair about 20 mins before showering, may have to shampoo 2x)
  • Silky soft hair: makes hair feel luxurious, soft and shiny
  • Lip balm: melts on your lips for a lovely lip balm, with an added bonus, if you lick your lips it won’t hurt your tummy like other lip balms with added chemicals
  • Soothes sun-dried skin: soothing for dry, itchy or sun scorched skin
  • Makeup remover: can help remove light makeup by using a little on a cotton ball, leaving a nice silky feeling on the skin


Dads use Cocolivo this way:

  • Reduce crowsfeet: apply a little Cocolivo as a moisturizer in the morning after cleansing the face, great for crowsfeet around the eyes
  • Aftershave balm: use a small amount after shaving to make the face feel soft and smooth
  • Moisturizer: after washing the face at bedtime, use a little Cocolivo to moisturize and replenish during sleep
  • Body balm: after showering, rub Cocolivo all over the body, including neglected feet 
  • Dry itchy scalp: great for hair and scalp and helps to reduce dandruff (rub in scalp and hair about 20 mins before showering, may have to shampoo 2x)
  • Soothes sun-dried skin: soothing for dry, itchy or sun scorched skin
  • Lip balm: nourishes dry chapped lips


Kids use Cocolivo this way:

  • Soothes dry skin: soothing on sensitive skin and dry itchy spots 
  • Treats scars and scrapes: helps to nicely heal skin after cuts and scrapes start to scab
  • Nourishes calloused hands: fantastic on hands sore with calluses from mastering the monkey bars
  • Reduces cradle cap: reduces remaining cradle cap on the scalp (rub onto scalp and hair 20 mins before bath time, may need to shampoo 2x)
  • Treates lice breakouts: may help in the treatment to minimize and/or clear up lice breakouts
  • Lip balm: melts on delicate chapped lips like butter, great throughout the day and at bedtime 
  • Soothes sun-bathed skin: calming to skin that’s been bathed in all-day sun

**For best results and to prolong product freshness, keep your Cocolivo in a relatively constant cool environment, keep our of direct sunlight, and ensure hands are clean before applying. And remember, when using Cocolivo on your face, body and hair, less is definitely more. Always consult your doctor or naturopath regarding serious skin issues before using Cocolivo. If you are worried about an allergic reaction, simply apply a small amount to your arm or leg and monitor it for the day. Same with testing Cocolivo on your face, use a very small amount to sample it.**

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