Our Story

Cocolivo is an organic, vegan, buttery oil, without water, waxes or preservatives. We nurture our family’s faces, bodies and hair everyday with it (yep, that’s us on the label).

How we started

I developed Cocolivo after our twins were born, when, as all mothers understand, I realized my body was not the same as it was before my three beautiful girls. Understatement! Things had changed, a lot! I began experiencing dry skin, hair and scalp issues. On my quest to find a solution to help relieve my itchy dry skin, sad scalp and lifeless hair, I searched for natural remedies. Along with modifying my diet and trying to squeeze in exercise, I discovered the benefits of coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. After experimenting with a variety of different blends I finally came up with a recipe that worked. I added argan and rosehip oils too, and began using it every day.

What we discovered

The results were wonderful! Cocolivo was so soothing, it melted into my skin and calmed everything it touched, like butter! I discovered on those mornings when I didn’t wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, (more like severely sleep deprived and disheveled), that after splashing my face with cool water and using some Cocolivo, my skin seemed refreshed and alive! My face was glowing with life. I even noticed that the “wisdom” lines around my eyes and sun damage on my face had diminished. My face was drinking up Cocolivo, and I was loving the results.

Cocolivo soothed and moisturized my scalp, and my hair became soft and shiny. I ditched my daily face moisturizer and body lotion (with their long lists of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce), and replaced it with my simply natural organic oil creation.

Of course, I shared my discovery with my husband and three girls, and they became guinea pigs allowing me to test my oil on all of their adorable body parts. Initially skeptical, my husband soon fell in love with how Cocolivo made his skin feel fresh and alive, especially in the morning or after shaving. We still use Cocolivo every day, in so many different ways.




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